How Will Inflation Affect Black Friday Shopping in 2022?

How Will Inflation Affect Black Friday Shopping in 2022

The average American consumer is expected to spend about $1,500 on Black Friday deals in 2022, but how will inflation affect these purchases? Prices for most items are predicted to increase by around 2.5% next year, so shoppers will likely have to budget a bit more carefully in order to snag the best deals. Retailers are already gearing up for the holiday season and preparing discounts and promotions, so consumers should start planning their shopping strategies now!

How Will Inflation Affect Black Friday Shopping in 2022

As we all know, inflation has been hitting record highs in recent years. This has caused prices to increase across the board, and has made it difficult for consumers to keep up with the rising costs. Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and it’s no secret that inflation can have a big impact on discounts and deals.

So, what does this mean for Black Friday shoppers in 2022? Are we going to see the same discounts as in previous years? Will they be less noteworthy? Here’s what you need to know about how inflation will affect Black Friday this year.

Inflation can cause prices to go up, which means that retailers may not be able to offer the same level of discounts on Black Friday. However, they may compensated by offering more discounts on a wider range of items. So, while the overall savings might not be as significant, you’ll still be able to find some great deals if you know where to look.

Keep an eye out for sales and discounts both online and in-store, and don’t be afraid to haggle with retailers if you think you can get a better price. Remember, Black Friday is all about getting the best deals, so don’t let inflation stand in your way!

How Will Inflation Affect Black Friday Shopping?

Final Prices Could Be Highe

With inflation driving up starting prices, there’s a good chance that the final “deal” prices could be higher than we’d like around Black Friday. And that could result in slower sales growth for stores.

But that doesn’t mean good deals won’t be available. We expect to see the same kinds of discounts this year — that is, up to 75% off at certain stores, $10 off select minimum purchases, and “buy more, save more” promotions, among others. If the starting prices are higher, though, those discounts won’t go as far this year compared to previous Black Fridays. Still, saving something is better than nothing. So if you’re planning on doing some holiday shopping on Black Friday, be prepared to pay a little bit more than you might have last year. But with some savvy shopping, you can still get some great deals.

Black Friday Season Will Be Longer

Although Black Friday has traditionally been the day after Thanksgiving in the US, in recent years retailers have increasingly offered deals and promotions earlier and earlier. This year is no different, with many stores offering early sales in October 2021.

This trend is likely to continue in the future, as retailers become more aware of the fact that consumers are thinking about their holiday shopping long before the actual holidays. This means that the Black Friday season is likely to become longer and more drawn out, with deals and promotions starting earlier and lasting longer.

So if you’re looking to get a head start on your holiday shopping this year, keep an eye out for early sales and deals from your favorite stores. And don’t forget to check back here for all the latest Black Friday news and deals.

The holiday shopping season is about to get a lot longer. Stores are extending their hours and deals in an effort to capture more spending.

Target is one of the stores leading the charge. The retailer is holding a two-day sale called Deal Days, which starts on October 13th. Target is also offering free shipping on all orders, no minimum purchase required.

Walmart is also getting in on the action. The store is starting its Black Friday deals early, on November 4th. Walmart is also offering free shipping on orders over $35.

These extended sales and deals are good news for shoppers. The longer season gives people more time to shop and stay on budget. So start your holiday shopping early and take advantage of the savings!

Shoppers May Spend Less

As shoppers get ready for Black Friday, many are expecting to spend less than they did last year.

A recent survey conducted by DealNews found that 38.6% of respondents expect to spend less during Black Friday shopping this year. 37.3% of respondents said they expect to spend the same amount as they did in 2021, while only 24.2% said they plan to spend more.

The level of inflation may be one factor influencing how much shoppers are willing to spend. According to the Consumer Price Index, inflation has risen by 2.6% over the past year. This means that prices for goods and services have increased, which may make shoppers more cautious about spending too much money.

However, it’s also possible that shoppers are simply becoming more savvy about how to get the best deals. With more people turning to online shopping, there are more opportunities to find discounts and coupons. And with Black Friday deals starting earlier and earlier, shoppers may feel like they don’t need to spend as much in one day.

In any case, it’s clear that many shoppers will be looking to save money this Black Friday. So if you’re planning on doing some shopping yourself, be sure to compare prices and look for ways to stretch your budget.

It’s still too early to tell how inflation will affect Black Friday shopping in 2022. However, some experts believe that consumer spending has bounced back enough from the pandemic to offset any higher prices. After two years of restrictions and issues with supply chains and labor shortages, many shoppers are eager to get back to their normal holiday routines. So far, retailers have been able to keep prices relatively stable despite rising costs. But it’s possible that inflation could start to impact Black Friday deals in the future. For now, shoppers should enjoy the deals while they can.

How to Save During Black Friday Despite Inflation?

Research Prices Ahead of Time

If you want to be sure you’re getting the best Black Friday deals, it’s important to do your research ahead of time. Make a list of items you’re interested in and note their current prices. That way, when the Black Friday deals start coming in, you’ll be able to tell at a glance whether they’re worth your time or not. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure you don’t miss out on any great deals.

Shop Around

Before you add an item to your cart, see if one store has a perk that makes buying there a better choice than purchasing the product at another store.

For instance, if you’re a frequent Kohl’s shopper, then you should be familiar with the Kohl’s Cash system and may be more likely to use any “cash” you earn during Black Friday shopping. Or if you have a Target RedCard, you’ll be able to save 5% on top of whatever savings the retailer is already offering. Even if a deal

At Amazon, for example, Prime members get free two-day shipping on most items (no minimum order required), which can save you quite a bit of money on shipping fees. And at Best Buy, Elite and Elite Plus members get free shipping on all orders, while My Best Buy members get free shipping on orders of $35 or more. If you’re not a member of any of these programs, compare shipping costs before you buy to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

When it comes to Black Friday shopping, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. By being mindful of the unique benefits that each retailer offers, you can be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Consider ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’

If you’re looking for ways to stay on budget, “buy now, pay later” programs can be a great option. You’ll find that many retailers offer these programs, including Target. All you need to do is make sure that you’ll be able to pay off your purchase within six weeks. This way, you can buy what you need without breaking the bank.

Set Price Alerts

As Black Friday season gets longer and more overwhelming, it’s important to take advantage of tools that can help make the season easier to navigate. Our price alert tool lets you choose specific categories, stores, brands, and/or keywords, and even a price range if you want. You have to choose at least one filter, but other than that you can be as specific or broad as you want. Then when we list a deal that matches your parameters, you’ll receive an email letting you know, and you can jump on it before it has a chance to sell out. This way, you can focus on enjoying the holiday season without all the stress.


While it’s impossible to say definitively how inflation will affect Black Friday shopping in 2022, we can make some predictions based on economic trends. Based on the information we’ve gathered, it’s likely that inflation will lead to higher prices for electronics and other popular Black Friday items.

This could mean that shoppers will be more selective about what they purchase, or that they’ll wait until closer to Black Friday to take advantage of deals. Whatever the case may be, retailers will need to closely monitor inflation rates and adjust their strategies accordingly. So far, businesses have been largely successful in navigating the challenges posed by inflation; with a little planning and foresight, they should be able to weather any storms that come their way in 2022.

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