Yi Dome Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Yi Dome Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals

Before buying a Yi Dome, make sure you know what the product is and how it works. The Yi Dome 1080p camera has been upgraded to full HD with improved features, including night mode, audio recording, and detection of crying babies. It also features two axes of rotation for more flexibility and increased security.

Yi Dome Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals
Yi Dome

What Is YI Dome?

The 1080p camera on the Yi Dome lets you shoot video and audio in FullHD resolution. It has advanced night mode and audio recording features and can detect a crying baby. You can also turn the Yi Dome around using two axes. This camera is capable of shooting in the following angles: sideways, up-and-down, and from two different angles.

Yi Dome has an intuitive mobile app to manage the device. Users simply scan the QR code on the camera to connect the camera to the mobile app. They can then set the camera’s settings and get notifications whenever motion or sound is detected. They can even set the notifications based on their preferences. The Yi Dome camera acts like a house guard and will notify you when anything is happening in your home.

The Yi Home app works with all Yi Home products. It has a main screen with camera icons in a vertical list. The navigation bar includes links to alerts, albums, and accounts. The live feed is always visible in the upper half of the screen. The bottom half of the screen contains directional controls, location bookmarks, and motion tracking settings.

YI Dome Black Friday Deals

The YI Dome is a new security camera designed for indoor use. It’s very affordable and comes with a ton of neat features. Read on to find out more about this camera, and decide if you want to purchase it during the Black Friday Sales. You can also compare the YI Dome to other security cameras to make sure it’s the right one for you.

The YI Dome has many features, including 10-second motion tracking and real-time alerts. It also offers bookmarks for your favorite positions and has a wide field of view. It is also compatible with a number of different mobile devices, including iOS and Android devices.

Another great feature of the Yi Dome is its ability to rotate 360 degrees and automatically survey a room. It also has a built-in intercom and infrared LEDs to help you see in the dark. The camera also comes with two-way audio for two-way communication and an encrypted cloud service for recording video. It also comes with a free one-month trial.

How Does YI Dome Work?

The Yi Dome is a wireless security camera that comes with a smartphone app. It can be configured using the app by scanning a QR code on the camera’s back. After scanning the code, the camera will automatically store its wireless network, passphrase, and Yi account details. In a few minutes, the camera will connect to the Yi server.

The Yi Dome comes with a mounting bracket for wall or ceiling mounting. However, the app does not rotate the video when the camera is mounted on a wall. Ceiling mounting is fine, as long as the video is set at 180 degrees. The camera looks nice in both daytime and nighttime. Although the Yi Dome Camera has a large footprint, it can be a useful surveillance tool.

The Yi Dome Camera comes with a motion sensor to detect movement. When it detects motion, the camera will start recording. In addition to this, it has motion tracking, which allows it to follow a moving object around a room. The camera comes with mounting hardware and a power cable. To install it, you’ll need to plug it in to the wall or the camera’s power supply. The power cable is limited to six feet.

Benefits Of YI Dome:

If you’re looking for a security camera that can record in HD quality, the Yi Dome is an excellent choice. Its pear-shaped enclosure can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. Its tilt range is 84 degrees, and it features two-way audio and built-in microphone. The Yi Dome is also compatible with the YI Home app, and it even supports Amazon Alexa.

The YI Dome Camera has many advantages, such as its advanced motion tracking capabilities. This camera is also able to detect motion and rotate 180 degrees. It also has a micro-SD card slot and two-way communication. It is also extremely affordable, making it a good option for those on a budget.

YI Dome offers real-time activity alerts. It is equipped with the latest Edge Computing chip, which enables it to distinguish between human and animal figures. This helps reduce false alarms due to insects and pets. Users can also review clips of footage in the YI Home App.

Pros And Cons Of YI Dome:

The Yi Dome is a camera that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. It can also be placed on a flat surface. Its pear-shaped enclosure measures 4.3 inches high and 3.6 inches across the base and 2.5 inches in diameter at the top. It can be used for surveillance and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The camera is easy to install and use.

It’s a bit larger than other cameras in its price range, but its build quality is very high. The YI Dome supports 128-bit WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security protocols. It also supports PIN security. Its mobile app is responsive and intelligently designed. It features self-explanatory controls and standard icons.

The Xiaomi Yi Dome is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Its official application is available on the Google Play and Apple app stores. However, the application is only available in English, and the user interface is not that complicated. Although it has a clear user interface, it’s important to choose the country you’re in when setting up the app.

How To Use YI Dome?

If you’re unsure of how to use the YI Dome, there are a few simple steps to follow. The first step involves setting up the camera on your smartphone. To do this, simply scan the QR code found on the camera and enter it into the mobile app. Afterwards, you can choose to store videos on your phone’s local storage or upload them to the YI Cloud. The Yi mobile app is intuitive, easy to use, and comes with standard icons and controls.

The Dome X camera is virtually identical to the Yi Kami camera, and features the same tilt, gimbal, and rotation capabilities. The camera rotates 340 degrees on a 2.5-inch base. A glossy black hemisphere protects the lens. The camera also features a motion detection system that automatically records video when motion is detected.

The camera uses advanced motion algorithms to identify moving objects and capture their movement trajectory. Smart motion tracking lets you watch everything that happens in a room. The YI Dome Camera Guard also includes a full 360-degree PTZ, so you can see the whole room from one location. You can also store the video on your computer or cloud.

Why Buy YI Dome During Black Friday Sale?

If you are looking for a cheap security camera, you may want to consider the YI Dome. This indoor security camera offers several nifty features. Learn more about them below and decide whether to buy one during the Black Friday sale. Before making a purchase, however, you should compare the YI Dome to other security cameras.

First, the Dome is compatible with other products from the Yi Home family. It has a user-friendly interface with features like auto-cruise, bookmarks, camera sharing, and schedule customization. The camera is also compatible with a variety of other devices.

The YI Dome is available in various bundles, which means that you can get more than one for your money. You can buy one indoor camera, a single outdoor camera, and an indoor/outdoor camera. The dome-style cameras are capable of rotating 360 degrees. They have automatic night vision and a bright spotlight, and they also come with two-way audio and an intercom function. The cameras also feature a cloud-based service that allows you to securely upload recorded footage. If you purchase a camera bundle, you get a free trial of the Yi service.

Watch YI Dome Review Video:

Looking for a great quality, affordable home security camera? The YI Dome camera is a top contender! Watch the review video to see all its features and find out if it’s the right fit for your needs. Spoiler alert: it just might be!


The YI Dome has a futuristic space-like look that’s sleek and compact. It also provides good functionality for the price. If you’re looking for a home surveillance camera that can be used independently from a smart home system, this camera could be a good choice. It’s also designed with simplicity in mind and will appeal to anyone who likes Chinese brands. The video quality is also excellent.

The Yi Dome is easily installed and configured using its smartphone app. You can use the app to set up the camera on a wall or ceiling. You can also mount the camera on a shelf. The unit has a pear-shaped enclosure that’s about 4.3 inches in height, 3.6 inches wide at the base, and 2.5 inches in diameter at the top.

Despite the high price tag, the Yi Dome is a decent camera that does its job. It measures 4.3 x 3.6 inches and weighs around 8 ounces. It features a blue status light under the camera head and a microphone and speaker. It also has three different modes: hands-free, duplex, and intercom. The Yi Dome is very easy to use and features excellent motion detection.

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