HP Sprocket Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

HP Sprocket BLACK Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals

The HP Sprocket is a wireless photo printer that works with your mobile devices. Using Bluetooth technology, it allows you to print photos from your smartphone or tablet. Just be sure that the device is Bluetooth enabled. Then, you can print your photos from anywhere! This printer is also ideal for socializing and sharing with friends.

HP Sprocket BLACK Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals
HP Sprocket

What Is HP Sprocket?

With the HP Sprocket, you can easily print photos from your smartphone or shared photo album. You can even add stickers to them and personalise them before printing. You can also scan the printed photos to unlock new experiences. You can even share them with your friends and family. If you are a creative person, you might find this printer very handy.

The HP Sprocket 2nd edition is available in four different colors and prints two x 3-inch photos. It uses special sticky-backed paper and does not require any complicated setup. It can also be connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth. The Sprocket also accepts 10, 20 and 50-sheet packets. It also offers exclusive frames.

The HP Sprocket printer works with your smartphone and is compatible with both Android and iPhone. The app allows you to print directly from your smartphone.

HP Sprocket Black Friday Deals

Looking for some awesome HP Sprocket Black Friday deals? You’re in luck! We’ve got some amazing discounts on the latest HP Sprocket models, perfect for all your printing needs. Whether you need to print out photos for a family photo album or just want to jazz up your social media posts, these printers are perfect for any occasion. So don’t miss out – check out our Black Friday deals today!

How Does HP Sprocket Work?

If you’re wondering how HP Sprocket works, you’ve come to the right place. This little gadget is a powerful multifunction tool that can do so much. Its battery lasts up to 90 minutes, and you can charge it with a micro-usb cord. It also features an app that displays battery life and lets you adjust the auto-off time if you don’t use it.

The Sprocket’s Bluetooth connectivity lets you easily print photos from your mobile device, as well as from local photo folders or a local gallery. The printer can connect to up to three devices at once, making it easier for you to share and print with others. You can also choose to print photos from your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, and print them from there.

This printer works by printing on Zink paper. Zink is a portmanteau of “zero ink,” and the HP Sprocket uses two-inch glossy sheets with multiple layers of heat-sensitive dye. The printer head then applies a tiny amount of heat to each sheet, which turns the dyes to certain colors. As a result, full-colour images are produced, and the printer requires no ink cartridges.

Benefits Of HP Sprocket:

HP Sprocket is the perfect machine for printing individual party favors. Its ability to print photographs rather than printing text makes it an ideal option for those who prefer to hand out party favors with a personal touch. Photos speak a thousand words, so a photo is more valuable than a monogrammed napkin or beer cozy.

The Sprocket is a portable photo printer that can be connected to Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets to print photos from your phone or tablet. It also supports Google Photos and local photo folders. The Sprocket can print up to three pictures at a time, and has a Micro USB port for charging its internal battery. It also has a wrist strap and an anchor for a lanyard loop.

The HP Sprocket photo printer makes it easy to print photos without a computer or tablet. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can print photos directly from your camera roll or social media accounts. The Sprocket also has an app that lets you edit photos before printing them. There are three versions of the Sprocket, each with unique features. The Sprocket Select and the Sprocket Studio are high-speed models that allow you to print from any place.

Pros And Cons Of HP Sprocket:

The HP Sprocket is a portable photo printer that aims to be more than just a simple printer. It combines supreme portability with exceptional print quality to capture life’s important moments. Moreover, its price is reasonable and you can purchase it at many retail stores around Australia and Amazon.

The HP Sprocket is small enough to be easily carried around and does not require the use of any tools. All you have to do is stack the paper with the blue initializing card facing down, and the printer will start printing immediately. You can also pair your HP Sprocket with a mobile device via Bluetooth. However, you must first enable Bluetooth before pairing the printer.

The printer does not require any ink and can hold up to 10 sheets of paper at once. It is not suitable for making large prints, but is a good value for money when compared to other photo printers. The printer comes with an adhesive photo paper, which means that you don’t need to buy expensive photo paper.

How To Use HP Sprocket?

To use HP Sprocket, you need to download the app and download it to your iPhone. It will let you send print jobs and calibrate the printer. The app has a few features that make it even more convenient. If you haven’t installed it yet, here are some tips to use it. Also, you can use the app to get notifications when the battery is running low. You can even set the app to send print jobs to your printer from any location.

The HP Sprocket is compatible with iPhones 12 and above, including the iPhone 12 Pro. It is also compatible with iPad Pro 12.9″ and 11″, iPad 4, and iPad 6th generation. The app includes detailed setup instructions for HP Sprocket. You can also check for firmware upgrades in the app.

Once you have installed the app, the printer will connect via Bluetooth to your phone. The app is extremely intuitive and will guide you through the setup process. You can even view and edit photos with it! The app shows all of your pictures on your phone, including images from social media and Google Photos. The app also allows you to print RAW photos.

Why Buy HP Sprocket During the Black Friday Sale?

Buying an HP Sprocket during the Black Friday Sale is an excellent opportunity to save a significant amount of money. You can purchase this portable photo printer for under $100 and get 20 sheets of ZINK Sticky-Backed Photo Paper free with your purchase. Additionally, you’ll get FREE shipping on all orders over $25, or FREE 2-Day shipping if you have Amazon Prime or Amazon Student.

HP Sprocket Printers are available at major online retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. You can also use price comparison tools like Pricegrabber or Google Shopping to find the lowest prices on your new printer. Don’t forget to check for coupons, which can help you save even more money.

If you’re looking for a portable photo printer with Bluetooth connectivity, check out the HP Sprocket. This Bluetooth printer will print your photos wirelessly and you can edit them with its app. It even has a built-in battery, which is handy in case you’re on the go. The printer also uses Zinc Zero ink technology, which means it uses zero ink to create your prints. It works with both Android and iOS devices. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Watch HP Sprocket Review Video:

The HP Sprocket is a unique and compact printer that is perfect for printing photos on the go. In this video, we take a closer look at the HP Sprocket and review its features. We also show how easy it is to use the HP Sprocket and print photos with it. Overall, we think the HP Sprocket is a great printer for anyone who wants to print photos quickly and easily. Watch our video to learn more about the HP Sprocket!


The HP Sprocket is a compact and fast printer. Its integrated Bluetooth technology gives it an edge over its competitors by eliminating the need for connective cables. The product is also easy to carry around in a pocket. Despite its shortcomings, it is an impressive piece of technology and should be a worthy purchase for anyone looking for a portable printer.

While it has a low price tag compared to competing products, this printer is not ideal for photo printing. The quality of photographs produced by this printer are not of the best quality, and it is unlikely to attract many Australian consumers. This lack of photographic quality is likely to hurt the HP Sprocket’s sales in Australia.

While the Sprocket 2nd Edition is marketed toward younger millennials, it can also be useful for older millennials who prefer postcard-sized prints. The Sprocket Select is slightly faster and slightly more expensive than the Sprocket, but the printer is worth its price in the long run.

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