ARB Fridge Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

ARB Fridge Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals

The ARB Fridge is a versatile, portable refrigerator. Its convenient, two-door design allows you to keep ice, and it is compatible with both generators and solar panels. It also has an integrated battery protection system to prevent the battery from over-discharge and damage. Other features include rounded corners that protect upholstery and strong tie-down points, recessed powder-coated steel fixed carry handles, and a two-piece, injection-molded lid.

ARB Fridge Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals
ARB Fridge

What Is ARB Fridge?

The ARB fridge freezer is weatherproof and is ideal for overlanding. It can be mounted on the outside of the vehicle or left in the truck bed. It is compatible with generators and solar panels, and is equipped with an integrated battery protection system. It also features a rounded corner design to prevent damage to upholstery and a recessed powder coated steel carry handle that provides strong tie down points. Its two-piece injection molded lid resists corrosion and is UV stable.

The ARB fridge freezer comes with a wiring kit to connect to your vehicle’s battery. It also comes with a threaded socket to make connections easy. A 15Ah lithium battery powers the unit, and is capable of running for 18 hours. The ARB fridge freezer is designed with safety in mind and will not water-log your food or drinks.

The ARB fridge freezer is a versatile and efficient vehicle accessory that eliminates the need for an old-school cooler and trips to the corner store. It connects to the vehicle’s 12 or 24 volts and keeps drinks cold. ARB offers three different models of fridge freezers. There’s the Classic Series, ARB Zero, and the ARB Elements.

ARB Fridge Black Friday Deals:

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, Black Friday is definitely the time to buy one. ARB has some great deals on fridges this year, and there’s sure to be something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a small fridge for your home office or a large fridge for your family’s kitchen, ARB has you covered. So don’t miss out on these amazing Black Friday deals!

How Does ARB Fridge Work?

The ARB Fridge is a fantastic addition to your vehicle, whether you use it for storage or mounting on the outside of your vehicle. It features a weatherproof, electronic control panel, a 4-digit code locking system, and a power button for convenience and security. The ARB Fridge also comes with a padlockable lid for added protection.

The ARB fridge uses a 12v battery, and it can be plugged into the battery of your vehicle. The fridge has an amp-hour rating, and the higher the amp-hour, the higher the total storage capacity. The fridge is designed to automatically shut off if the battery runs out, and it has a voltage readout so you can check the battery’s charge.

The ARB fridge uses a Secop compressor, which was formerly manufactured by Danfoss. The fridge’s average DC power consumption is 0.7 to 2.3 amps. This means that if the fridge is running continuously for 24 hours, it will consume 55.2 amps.

Benefits Of ARB Fridge:

An ARB Fridge is an excellent way to store food in your RV. It has plenty of room for 72 12-ounce cans and can be mounted easily to your vehicle. In addition, the fridge comes with a programmable electronic lock that will prevent theft. Another useful feature is the lockable lid. This feature can prevent items from being stolen from your refrigerator, and it makes it easier to secure it to a stationary object.

The ARB Fridge is perfect for overlanding, since it’s weatherproof. It can be mounted to the exterior of your vehicle, or you can leave it in the open bed of your truck. It can even come with a drain plug, so you can easily clean it with a hose.

This fridge also comes with a built-in emergency shut-off system. If the vehicle’s battery voltage falls below a certain level, the fridge will automatically shut down and switch back on once it has re-established the proper voltage. The fridge has three battery settings: high, medium, and low. The high setting works well if the fridge is connected to the starting battery. In the event of a dual-batteries setup, the low setting will prevent the fridge from draining your vehicle’s starting battery.

Pros And Cons Of ARB Fridge:

If you’re in the market for a fridge for your boat, the ARB Fridge/Freezer is an excellent option. It’s energy-efficient and comes with regulated temperature control. Plus, it’s spill-resistant. These fridges can be mounted in your boat or in your home, and they can store food, drinks, and more.

The ARB fridge comes with a 3-phase battery protection feature. This is a big benefit, especially if you’re operating the fridge on 12v power. It prevents the fridge from depleting the starting battery of your vehicle. It also gives you a real-time voltage readout.

The ARB fridge is one of the most energy-efficient 12-volt portable refrigerators on the market. It draws only 0.87 amps per hour in normal operation. This low draw means that the ARB refrigerator can be run for five days on a single deep cycle battery. If you’re running out of power during the day, you can simply drive your vehicle for ten minutes to recharge your ARB fridge.

How To Use ARB Fridge?

An ARB fridge freezer is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your RV. Not only can you use it to store food and drinks, but it can also double as an extra fridge when you’re at home. For example, if you’re hosting a party, an ARB fridge freezer can keep your drinks cold for hours.

ARB fridges come with a programmable electronic lock and a padlockable lid. These features are especially valuable for camp and vehicle mounting because they help protect your food from theft. Plus, they allow you to secure the fridge to something stationary so you won’t have to worry about it falling off.

An ARB fridge freezer comes with clips on the rear panel to hold power cables in place. They are specially sized to fit the power cables that come with the fridge. To connect your ARB fridge to an AC power supply, use the left-hand cable clip.

Why Buy ARB Fridge During Black Friday Sale?

When looking for a new fridge, it is wise to consider the ARB Fridge. This Australian made product offers unmatched performance and an impressive temperature range of 50-degrees Fahrenheit to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to its unbeatable price, this fridge also comes with a FREE ARB Transit Bag.

Watch ARB Fridge Review Video:

With summer in full swing, you may be thinking about upgrading your fridge to one with a little more capacity. If so, you should definitely check out the ARB Fridge. This fridge is designed for use in off-road vehicles, but it’s also perfect for home use. Watch our review video to see all the features of the ARB Fridge and find out if it’s the right choice for you.


The ARB fridge features a unique design, allowing you to open and close the lid in a variety of positions. The stainless steel construction is durable and corrosion-resistant, and the stainless steel trim and latches are UV resistant. The fridge also has strategically placed electrical connections. The ARB refrigerator is made to last and is a great buy for the price.

Its lock/unlock button and programmable electronic lock provide extra security. This is especially useful if the fridge is kept inside a vehicle or in a camp. These locking features prevent unauthorised access by using a four-digit code. Moreover, they also allow you to customize the fridge to suit your needs.

The ARB Elements fridge is a durable product that is ideal for use on a rig. It has an electronic control panel, and is completely weatherproof. The control panel also doubles as a security keypad.

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